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External trigger to start transmission.


after scanning the documentation and forums I can see that there is no firmware support for any hardware related external timing for the Adalm Pluto.

In our appllcation, we would need to start data frame transmission of multiple Plutos synchronized by an external source like PPS from GNSS.

Basically, using a modified transmit repeat (cyclic buffering) with enabling each transmit by an external GPIO from the PL (Zynq PINS K13, M12, R10) it should be possible. However, the Pluto  PS and PL firmware seems to be highly abstracted and quite complex. Also, in a multithreaded environment, it is unclear if modifying the transmission cycle will create any timeouts etc.

My question is, are there any plans to add GPIO enabled timing support for transmission / reception to the Pluto firmware in the near future?

For people who know the architecture of the firmware and Pluto in detail, it is probably a question of hours to do these changes. For other people, it will take weeks to months, if successful at all.


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