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ADALM-PLUTO: Manual GPIO Control of the AD9363 Chip

I would like to manually control the GPO pins GP00-GP03 of the AD9363 chip.

So far i tried two things:

1. Set them via sysfs as hinted in:  RE: how can i control pl_gpio0 in plutosdr? 

Result: I could export the pins, set them to ouput and set the value. However i could not meassure any voltage change.

2. Set them via the GPO Manual Control as stated in the documentation:

I was able to set:

# echo 1 > adi,gpo-manual-mode-enable

However when trying:
# echo 0 1 > gpo_set

I received the error:
-sh: can't create gpo_set: Permission denied

Am I missing something here?

fixed spelling mistake
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