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FMComms2/3/4 Source and Sink Issues


I'm working with Pluto using FMComms2/3/4 Source and I noticed the following issues:

1- Loading a FIR filter file generated with the Matlab Wizard doesn't seem to work. I generated the LTE5 example and there is no change in the received bandwidth.

I did checked if the filters where loaded with "iio_attr -u usb: -d ad9361-phy filter_fir_config" and I get "FIR Rx: 128,2 Tx: 128,2" also "iio_attr -u usb: -c ad9361-phy voltage0 filter_fir_en" returns "1 1" which indicates that they are enabled.

2- Changing the "Attenuation TX1" or "Attenuation TX2" doesn't have any effect in the output power.

Are these functions implemented?