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Adalm Pluto Simultaneously RX and TX with GNURadio

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use Pluto SDR Source and Sink in one GNU Radio application. The application works smoothly, but the sound is interrupted in the broadcast received by sdr. Since there are two antenna outputs, I thought that I could transmit and receive at the same time without using PTT. Could this be due to the antennas being too close together? or is not possible for hardware?

  • Are you getting Audio overflows/underflows ? This is signalled by aUaU or a0a0 in the console ? If yes, then the audio rate may not be matched with the input sample rate in the block, either due to a miscalculation or due to hardware throughput. Remember that the USB 2.0 throughput is shared between Rx and Tx, so essentially you are getting half the throughput when doing Tx.

    I'm work with software and if this is not sample rate related, my guess is that the tx antenna could disrupt the rx, especially if they are using the same LO. To test this, you could move the antennas/ physically disconnect the TX antenna/ increase the Tx attenuation. By increasing the Tx attenuation you are lowering the emission of the Tx but keeping the data flowing on the Tx path, so you can further debug this.