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Pluto with 2 RX channels using GNURadio

Hello, I am using "FMComms 2/3/4 source" block in GNU Radio with channels 1 and 2 enabled.  CH2 seems not to be working fine.  To make a debug, I connected a "Complex to Real" block in both FMComms outputs. 

When both channels are enabled, the Q component of CH2 disappears.  If I disable CH1 and leave only CH2, I can see both I and Q correctly.  Is this a bug on FMComms 2/3/4 source block?  Has anybody also faced this isssue ?

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  • Hi Adrian.  I am using GNU Radio

    I have made some tests and my conclusion is that FMComms outpus an incorrect complex signal from channel 2.  "Q" component is correct, but "I" component on CH2 comes from RX1.

    If I disable CH1, the problem goes away and CH2 works properly.

    You can download the flowgraph here.

    I wrote a description of the steps I followed.  You can see it here .

    You can see all my screen captures here .

    Is this a bug on FMComms working with Pluto or am I missing some configuration?