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ADALM1000 was not recognized by Pixelpulse2.

I tried to update the firmware of ADALM1000 with Pixelpulse2 ,after install it.
I think It is "in programming mode", But It was blue lettering and I couldn't see it very well.
After a while, when I unplugged the USB and plugged it back in, the ADALM1000 was not recognized by Pixelpulse2.
Windows 11 device manager doesn't seem to recognize it either.
Could you tell me how to fix ADALM1000?

  • Was the ADALM1000 purchased recently? Boards shipped (manufactured in the last year or so) come with the current firmware version 2.17 installed. If it is an older board, does it have the original 6 pin analog connector as in the Rev D version or the 8 pin analog connector as in the Rev F board? Pixelpulse2 does not always flash the firmware successfully on older Rev D boards.

    If the board is in the bootloader it should still appear in the device manager, as a SAMBA device. If I recall correctly it will show as SAMBA or SAMBA-ADALM1000. If nothing appears in the device manager the board is probably not in the bootloader. You can force the M1k board into the boot loader by shorting these two pads while plugged (powered) into the USB port:

    Since Pixelepluse2 no longer recognizes the board I'll assume for the time being that you have the original Rev D board which is now too old for the current version of Pixelpulse. You can try to un-brick the board by using the third party firmware burning software and loading the 2.17 firmware. Download the latest 64 bit version (assuming that is what your version of Windows needs) from the web here: (bossa-x64-1.9.1.msi).

    Once in the bootloader (after a power cycle) the BOSSA software can be used to burn the m1000-2.17.bin firmware on to the board.

    If you have ALICE desktop installed you can find the firmware image as shown above. Other wise you will need to download the binary file from GitHub:

    You need to check the Boot to flash box and pick the correct serial COM port for the board (mine came up on COM7 but yours might be different).

  • Thank you for your quick response and advices.
    I followed your advice and the trouble is fixed!

    Thank you !

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