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problems building

I'm attempting to build Linux libm2k MATLAB bindings, per the information on the webpage.   I'm running MATLAB 2022a.

I've built libiio and libm2k without problems, and updated the header and include paths, and libm2k path.     Once I deleted the duplicate headers in build_library_linux64.m, the process got the following error in pkg=definelibm2k;

Error using clibgen.ConstructorDefinition/defineArgument Invalid DIRECTION "inputoutput" specified for argument 'what'. Return values for constructor not supported. Error in definelibm2k (line 944) defineArgument(m2k_exception_builderConstructor2Definition, "what", "string", "inputoutput");

The code in definelibm2k_linux64.m that causes this is;

%% C++ class constructor for C++ class |libm2k::m2k_exception_builder| % C++ Signature: libm2k::m2k_exception_builder::m2k_exception_builder(std::string & what) m2k_exception_builderConstructor2Definition = addConstructor(m2k_exception_builderDefinition, ... "libm2k::m2k_exception_builder::m2k_exception_builder(std::string & what)", ... "Description", "clib.libm2k.libm2k.m2k_exception_builder.m2k_exception_builder Constructor of C++ class libm2k::m2k_exception_builder."); % Modify help description values as needed. defineArgument(m2k_exception_builderConstructor2Definition, "what", "string", "inputoutput"); validate(m2k_exception_builderConstructor2Definition);

I'd welcome any suggestions.   Thanks!