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Appropriate backend to sample up to 61.44 MSps with no overflow? for AD9361 based platforms


I would like to sample up to 61.44 Msps with no overflow on my pluto, that is connected to a pc by usb 2.0 so :

1- Whats the max samples in a transport block and whats the max sample rate for contiguous data between blocks (no drops)

since i tried many time, it is probably not possible so:

2- Whats the right transport stream backend? not only for pluto but for all ad9361 based platform (rfsom+fmcomms) ? since if i understand neither usb or ethernet or uart is right for that

3- How does RFSOM and FMCOMMS differ from Pluto in transport size block and contiguous high speed?

4-Can i modify my pluto in some way such adding some interface?

Thanks for reading BR