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PDM convert to analog

Dear Sir or Madam,

in my studies I am working on a project to measure 2 microphones.

For this purpose a small sound absorber chamber is built to measure with
measurement electronics an analog reference microphone (the b&k 4165) and a DUT
(e.g. the digital microphone Infineon IM69D130-DS).

We used the 4165 mic as well as a suitable preamp and the FFT
Analyzer 3160 from the company B&K.

The FFT Analyzer requires analog signals at the input and converts them to
digital signals with a sampling rate of 131kHz.

My problem is to pick up the digital microphone IM69D130-DS. This
MEMS micro gives as signal a 1-bit PDM signal, which I have to convert to an
analog signal, so that the FFT Analyzer recognizes it.

Do you offer such an interface or chip that turns a PDM signal into an analog one?

kind regards

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