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Pluto SDR IIO contexts failed: input/output error (5) on Windows 10

Hello all,

I am trying to get a new Pluto up and running with GNURadio Companion and IIO_Oscilloscope on Windows 10.  When I received it a week ago, it was using 0.32 firnware, I updated it to 0.34.  Since then, whenever I type in the iio_info -s command (in a TeraTerm console), it says:

Library version: 0.23 (git tag: v0.23)
Compiled with backends: local xml ip usb serial
Scanning for IIO contexts failed: Input/output error (5)

Can anyone point me to what may be the problem with IIO and Pluto?

I do see the various Pluto disk drive, USB, serial, and network entries in Windows Device Manager.  The Pluto works fine with SDRPP, SDR Console, and SDRAngel.

I was trying to use GRC version 0.9,on Windows (soapy driver) but could not get any of the sources to work, so I tried GRC version 3.7.15(?) with my SDR Play. and it seems to work fine.

I also have several other SDRs, they mostly work with the above Windows programs, and a few work with GRC on Windows.

In addition, I have a laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 and GRC, which also does not work with the Pluto.  I assume the IIO error is why GRC and IIO_Oscilloscope doesn't work, while the Pluto works with other SDR programs.

I'm not new to SDRs.  I've also dabbled with Linux since 0.95 floppies, but have not been consistently involved with Linux. nor a wizard.

Thank you for any help.  Terry, N4TLF