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PlutoSDR ad9361 fast frequency sweep


I am implementing a bandwidth scan of 100MHz frequency range through plutosdr. I implemented it through gnuradio flow graph to python. I get the rx data through the Probe Signal Vector module.

Now, here are a few questions that bother me:

1). Whenever I change the rx LO frequency, the iio_pluto_source function has to be re-run in the python code, which will waste a lot of my time, after the actual measurement, it is about 1.5s. So, is there a good solution?

2). Whether there is a flag for the PlutoSDR rx module can let me know that the data has been converted, so that I can read the data as soon as possible.

Apologies if I have not added enough detail, I am relatively new to this area - please ask questions to help clarify.

Kind regards,


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