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ADALM1000 as bipolar supply

I want to use the ADALM1000 for electrophoresis experiments to drive molecules in +x and -x direction by reversing the voltage. Is there a way to use the two outputs of the ADALM1000 or multiple ADALM1000's as a bipolar supply? Thanks.

  • If you only need voltages less then or equal to +/- 2.5 V then you can use the fixed +2.5 V output power rail as the reference voltage ( "zero" voltage ) node. That is why we provided it so you can consider the AWG outputs as "bipolar" referenced to that output. If you only need one voltage you can use the two AWG channels differentially for +/- 5 V. A number of example use cases doing this have been published here on EZ and on the ADI Wiki under the University program. Of course in either case the Ground of the M1k which is the same as the USB connector ground (PC ground) will have to be isolated from your experimental setup.

    Hope that helps. If you do need more voltage then you will need to build external amplifiers that are powered from higher supply voltages.