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Pluto - 2 Rx and 2 Tx using MATLAB


I would like to setup the SDR Pluto to operate in 2 Tx and 2 Rx mode.

I have followed the steps in the following video :

However, I am unsure how to setup and control the 2nd transmitter or receiver. 

Can I still treat the device as a Pluto?

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  • Many thanks for the help.

    Can you provide some further guidance on controller the separate transmitters as there will be 2 transmitter with the AD9361.

    clc, clear all, close all;
    fs = 2e6;
    sw = dsp.SineWave;
    sw.Amplitude = 0.5;
    sw.Frequency = 100e3;
    sw.ComplexOutput = true;
    sw.SampleRate = fs;
    sw.SamplesPerFrame = 5000;
    txWaveform = sw();
    tx = sdrtx('Pluto');
    tx.CenterFrequency = 6e9;
    tx.BasebandSampleRate = fs;
    tx.Gain = 0;
    Can I do something like the above and incorporate in the 2nd transmitter?