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Circuit Design for Low Current [nA] & Low Voltage [uV] Precise/Accurate Measurement.

Hello everyone,

Can you please suggest set of 24 Bit high speed ADCs & DAC for low current & voltage measurement. I want precise & fast ADC for measuring current in nano Amperes (nA) & voltage in micro Volt (uV).

Necessary speed for data transfer for ADC & reading ADC data. It will be 24 Bit output stream of ADC & 16 Bit input stream for the DAC.

VREF of ADC can be from 2.5V to 5V max but 2.5V is preferable.

Schematic is shown above & since ADC is the bottleneck & speed is paramount, therefore please suggest the part numbers which can give me precise and accurate results.

I have gone through LTC2485, , AD7760, LTC2380-24, LTC2493, LTC2499, AD7134 these set of ICs already. Please suggest one. I2C interface is preferable.

Thanks & Regards