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WARNING: Unknown parameters...

I would like to connect the bar with a USB-LAN interface to the local network, but I have not succeeded despite using the chips required by the system. After applying different firmware and more, now I find myself in this situation:
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32> iio_info -s
Library version: 0.21 (git tag: 565bf68)
Compiled with backends: xml ip usb serial
Unable to create Local IIO context: Function not implemented
WARNING: Unknown parameter '0' in <context>
WARNING: Unknown parameter '23' in <context>
WARNING: Unknown parameter 'v0.23' in <context>
Available contexts:
0: 0456: b673 (Analog Devices Inc. PlutoSDR (ADALM-PLUTO)), serial = 104473965993000105001b003d35291ca6 [usb: 4.10.5]
1: (Analog Devices PlutoSDR Rev.B (Z7010-AD9363A)), serial = 104473965993000105001b003d35291ca6 [ip: pluto.local]

# iio_info -s
Library version: 0.23 (git tag: v0.23)
Compiled with backends: local xml ip usb serial
Scanning for IIO contexts failed: Input / output error (5)
question, are these messages correct?
In case you can tell me how to restore the Pluto