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AD7920 12-bit ADC lab

I set up the AD7920 12-bit ADC lab but do not get the screens that are shown.  Here are my screens:


Why do I not get any output from the MISO logic analyzer ?

Could the chip layout be backwards from the web layout, as the "1" and "8" in the above picture are on the Right.

Thus, is this chip layout as:

top  5 6 7 8
bot: 4 3 2 1

whereas in the web instruction it is 

top 8 7 6 5
bot 1 2 3 4

Also, where should I place the 1+ /1- leads of the oscilloscope to read the input voltage ?

I placed the 1+ at W1 and 1- at ground, but the oscilloscope shows zero voltage:

Thanks !