Pluto Rev C how to activate the 2nd Rx channel

Hi, I recently obtained a "Rev C" version of Pluto, and used u.FL connectors to pin out the 2nd Rx and Tx channels. I've updated my firmware to the latest (0.33).  I am trying to read data from both Rx channels, but I've run into two problems:

1.  The first problem is that the "fw_setenv mode 2r2t" doesn't seem to stick....  After reboot, it always reverts back to 1r1t.  I'm following these instructions:

And here's is what I get after reboot:

So then I re-enter the fw_setenv mode 2r2t command, and then it reports as set.  But if I reboot again, it goes back to 1r1t

2.  The second problem (and probably related to the first) is that pyadi-iio doesn't seem to recognize the 2nd Rx channel.  Here's what my program looks like:

# Create radio
sdr = adi.ad9361(uri='ip:')
samp_rate = 20e6

'''Configure Rx properties'''
sdr.rx_enabled_channels = [0, 1]
sdr.sample_rate = int(samp_rate)
sdr.rx_rf_bandwidth = int(10e6)
sdr.rx_lo = int(2.4e9)
sdr.gain_control_mode_chan0 = "manual"
sdr.gain_control_mode_chan1 = "manual"
sdr.rx_hardwaregain_chan0 = int(30)
sdr.rx_hardwaregain_chan1 = int(30)

However, anything that references "chan1" gives me error.