Second channel in Pluto

Hello EZ

I'm risking being a little spammy here but I would just like a quick pointer as to what to expect.

I posted earlier about getting errors in GNUradio. My immediate problems were solved, I marked the answer as verified but I still got problems.
After updating both the firmware and the u-boot to v0.33 through DFU I no longer get any errors in GNUradio - that is, GNUradio sees both channels when running the FMCOMMS blocks.
However, I can't see a signal in the window that appears when running the test scripts.

My last question from the other thread:

'Do I simply need to wait for you guys to update the Pluto blocks for GNUradio?

I believe it would be a minor change to add a second channel to the blocks but it seems to be a rather steep learning curve to achieve that, if I'm not a programmer. Which I'm not. And I'm new to Linux. I'm more of a hardware guy.'

Or is there something else I can do to utilize the second channel of the Pluto?

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