ADALM-PLUTO firmware update fails

*** happens! I unplugged the usb-connection while pluto was updating firmware (LED1 flashed fast)! Now no usb-connection is available. Is there a way to reset the pluto?

Thanks Andreas

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 30, 2021 12:06 PM in reply to HB9HCI

    Maybe - 

    run fw_printenv on both devices and compare the differences.


  • there are no diff's Frowning2(I did not changed any of the hardware.) 

    But after I changend the config ip-address in the runing device (the new one): It also behaves as the other one: No connection: all Ports are filtered.

    this is my config file:

    # Analog Devices PlutoSDR Rev.B (Z7010-AD9363)
    # Device Configuration File
    #   1. Open with an Editor
    #   2. Edit this file
    #   3. Save this file on the device USB drive
    #   4. Eject the device USB Drive
    # Doc:
    hostname = pluto
    ipaddr =
    ipaddr_host =
    netmask =
    ssid_wlan = 
    pwd_wlan = 
    ipaddr_wlan = 
    ipaddr_eth =
    netmask_eth =
    xo_correction = 
    udc_handle_suspend = 0
    # USB Communication Device Class Compatibility Mode [rndis|ncm|ecm]
    usb_ethernet_mode = 0
    diagnostic_report = 0
    dfu = 0
    reset = 0
    calibrate = 0

  • even a step back to firmware v0.30 does not change the wrong behavior nor deleting the config.txt

  • but the change of an USB-cable changed the behavior: Now all works as expected! - Sorry - (The defect USB-Cable in the support connector feeds the LED's but seems to block something on the network.)

    so 2 plutos are re-enabled and work fine. 

    the 3rd one has the txo replaced with a 40MHs gpsdo. But no drive is visible.

    With OTG-Ethernet Adaptor Port 22 and 80 is shown, but software like SDR Console get no signals.