Request for advice: Is it possible to set-up the ADALM-PLUTO to something close to 5G?

Dear Experts,

I am planning to purchase a couple of the ADALM-PLUTOs for my institution, with the intent to conduct some wireless experiments using them (controlled via MATLAB/Simulink), and then try to incorporate the successful findings into our laboratory/teaching curriculum.

One of the experiments that we are exploring to achieve, is to program the PlutoSDR pair to work as individual 4G and 5G set-ups, and then compare the wireless communication performances - naturally, 5G is expected to be faster/better than 4G.

However, I have been reading through the forum-threads here, and they seem to point that incorporating 5G is not possible with PlutoSDR. Basically, it is because of the transceiver-chip (the AD9363) being used.

I am willing to explore other alternatives, and also meet said "5G" performance halfway. Hence, I am seeking advice from the experts here, hoping you can share your experience and perhaps kindly suggest something viable (and 5G-like) that I can perform with the PlutoSDRs.

Many thanks in advance!

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