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[Solved] ADALM2000 positive power supply does not work

Hi all,

I just got my m2k device and wanted to test it for the first time. I breadboarded a wheatstone bridge with a potentiometer and downloaded Scopy. I want to supply +/-V from the m2k while measuring the bridge voltage using the voltmeter function.  This is what I was trying to do when I noticed that when activating the power supply only the negative supply shows a measured voltage; the positive supply stays at 0.000 VDC. I tested tthe supply with a digital multimeter which confirmed the readings from Scopy. Well, it actually measured 13mV on the dead supply, but it's a cheap DMM with questionable accuracy.

I'm wondering if my unit is defective and warrants an RMA from Mouser, or if there is something I'm doing wrong here.


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