Revision C Pluto

I saw the photographs of a new version of the pluto that came to a German radio amateur.He got this new version without asking for it .. is it a pre-series?

thanks for your kind attention

I recently bought an Adalm-Pluto, the GPSDO of Leo Bodnar, studied all notes regarding modification and was surprised that my Pluto is looking totally different from what I have seen so far. To make a long story short, I got revision C and unfortunately, I could not find any documentation in the internet. Difference is that TCXO is on the secondary side of the board and that four small connector sockets (IPX?) are on the primary side. One of them is marked as “CLK_IN 3V3 Max” another as “CLK_OUT”. It seems to me that no further modification is needed to feed in the signal of an external GPSDO but I am not sure.- Does anybody already has modified Rev C for QO-100 use?- How to feed in the signal of my GPSDO?- Anything else I have to consider or take care about?

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