Pluto only hear white noise


Just bought a Pluto SDR ( my 3rd SDR, I  had other brands w/o issues. Just Sold my SDRPlay last month and upgraded? to the Pluto. So I have no reference SDRs) 

The Pluto SD on my Window 10 i5 machine with Firmware v0.32 shows graphics signals  around -90 to -100 dBm.

I did the extended range mod try with and with out it and various IP address in my IP mask range and the default 192,168.2.1 ALL THE SAME 

Tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. 

The extended range mod 

  # fw_setenv attr_name compatible
  # fw_setenv attr_vale "ad9364"
  # pluto_reboot reset

allows me to see FM Broadcast radio 88-108 mhz and still nothing but white noise 

RF levels are about  -90dBm 

\I had several antennas 

I am a ham radio operator and had several antenna

indoor mobile mag mount 2meter / 440mhz antenna

a TRAM 1411 outdoor antenna with 40 feet of RG8U coax 

The rubber duckies that came with the Pluto 

I can hear NOAA Weather 162.525 with a Baofeng Handie Talk on a 4" Rubber Duck antenna

The Pluto can hear my HT transmit at 433.9 mhz from a 1 watt HT but I never heard anything else 

I have about 6 days to return this.... is it really that insensitive? 

I live in Prescott Valley AZ where there are NO TV stations -- all from Phoenix. 

Should return this Pluto? 

It was very impressive out of the box, iio_status and linux and the shell all work fine 

but the only windows apps I used are

SDRConsole  V3.0.34  and

SDR Angel v6.2.0 

same audio results