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ADALP2000 SMD to DIP Pin Mapping Incorrect


I'm using the ADALP2000 in an advanced analog course and received lots of trouble reports about this week's assignment.  I traced the problem to the pin mapping on some of the SMD to DIP adapter boards provided - specifically the ADTL082.

I have a newer version of the analog parts kit and see several other adapters are also mapped incorrectly.  The issue here is that several of these adapters do not adhere to the long established pin mapping convention for Single & Dual DIP opamps.  The older version of this kit does not have this problem.

I've included an image annotated with pin numbers of both the IC and adapter board for the ADTL082.  As you can see in the image, Pin #1 is in the upper RH corner instead of the upper LH corner.  Also, the pins advance clockwise instead of anti-clockwise.

This issue will result in non-functioning circuits, at least.  Worse yet, it could result in damaged components if someone made the very reasonable assumption that these adapters adhear to the long-standing convention for opamp pin assignments.

I'm not clear on the part number for these kits, as I'm purchasing them through Digilent, Inc.  Here is my attempt at describing what know to be the old vs. new versions of the Analog Parts Kit.  I don't see any model/revision numbers to further identify these so I'm including a not-so-great descriptiion and a probably-more-helpful photo.

'Old Version'

Labeled as Analog Parts Kit, and contained matched pair NPN & PNP transistors (boy, I miss those).  This kit has Digilent's logo and states that "Analog ICs by Analog Devices".

'New Version'

Larger box, Labeled as ADALP2000 Analog Parts Kit.  Does not have Digilent's name.  Contains an audio speaker and no matchced pairs :-(

I'm a big fan of these kits, but this issue is really troubling.

Are you aware of this issue?


Jeff Houser

P.S. I'm sure that I've posted this question in the wrong place, so please help me find a home for it.  Thanks!