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HI all, I am getting the following error while setting up the Pluto-SDR, in MATLAB Communication Toolbox Support Package. Any suggestions or comments, will be much appreciated.

  • I have tried uninstalling the LibIIO and then installing Communication Toolbox Support Package For ADALM-PLUTO SDR. Same error occurs.

  • Hi, this conversation is old, but I am seeing something that may help if anyone is still having this problem.

    Note that I am only seeing this problem when running on Windows 10. it doesn't seem to be a problem on Debian Linux. This seems to agree with a post I saw on the Mathworks site related to this same issue.

    I have two pcs in front of me, both running Windows 10, Matlab 2021 is installed on both of these.. On one, I was trying to run the plutoradioQPSKReceiverExample.m and the plutoradioQPSKTransmitterExample.m scripts. When trying to run either of these scripts on the first pc, I got the error mentioned in the original post here. I tried running these same scripts on the second pc, and they ran fine. I noticed that on the pc with the issues, that I also had iio-scope installed. I often use iio-scope as a crude spectrum analyzer. Long story short, when I uninstalled iio-scope on the problem pc, and then rebooted, the transmit and receive scripts both run fine, I'm now getting the 'hello world' transmission as advertised. 

    I don't know what the conflict is between these Matlab scripts, libiio, Pluto, iio-scope, but it does seem that this conflict exists. My workaround for the moment is to have iio-scope running on a third laptop when I need spectrum analyzer capability.