ALICE 1.2, dc meter-source 1.3 crashes

I installed the executable ALICE 1.2 software on a Windows 10 64 bit machine. All of the tools work fine EXCEPT the dc meter-source 1.3 tool. When I open it and click the RUN dot box, the app window fades a little and then the (not responding) message appears at the top. I have to use the Task Manager to get out of it. However, when I open the Datalogger tool, it causes the meter-source tool to also open and then it works (although when any changes are made in the meter-source window, I have to click the  "stop" and then "run" buttons in the datalogger in order for those changes to happen. I did not find anyone else with this error in the EngineerZone, so.... any help? Thoughts? Things to try?


Dale Litwhiler