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Adalm Pluto (no transmit signal)

I'd like to use the Adalm Pluto for transceive operations over the QO100 satellite. I'm using SDR console Vers. 3.022 as Control Software. My antenna is a 82 cm dish with a modified Dual Band Feed (Quad LNB in combination with a POTY for transmit). 

Receiving mode is ok, I have no Problems but I can't send a Signal. I get no Output Signal from the adalm pluto. After the Adalm Pluto I switched a preamplifier (CN 0417 Analog Devices) and then a wlanbooster with a bandpass betwenn Booster and antenna.

Also with only a load at the TX Output of the Adalm Pluto, I don't get a transmit Signal.

Can you help me?