Good morning

I am starting up the PLUTO SDR. I followed the guideline and the device is active.

So far. Following the guidelines I downloaded a couple of things they appear very similar

The directory names are


They have similar names but the contents is not the same. I need an advice about the what are needed for.

Another running question is if the building or the usage is restricted on the Linux or they can be cross compiled on Windows. On the GIT it seems 
The building fails on windows.
It means I need a Linux machine or the shell is sufficient for the building?

Also the built libraries are just for Linux and for building Linux apps??
And they can run on the Linux shell??

For now I need to stream in and out some binary files...

Just a suggestion needed...

Thank You


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    •  Analog Employees 
    Feb 26, 2020 in reply to travisfcollins +1 verified

    This is a utility library for creating filters and enabling other functionality with the transceiver inside Pluto. It will be a dependencies for different applications…