ADALM-PLUTO with GNU Radio issues executing example


I recently purchased an ADALM-PLUTO module and installed GNU radio on a Ubuntu virtual machine with the PlutoSDR connected via USB. For this, I followed the instructions here :

When I try to try some examples that come with the gr-iio package, I can't get good results, for example with the example fmradio_pluto.grc. When I run the grc file, I only have "noise pulses" and I have the following errors:
gr::log:INFO: audio source - Audio sink arch:alsa
aUaUaUaUaUaU ....

I think it's due to a sampling that's too slow, but I don't understand why and I don't know how to correct this.

Could someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong, and tell me how to fix it?

Thank you in advance,


PS: Link of program and error : /resized-image/__size/320x240/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/349/fmReceiver.JPG