Data Logging with Scopy Voltmeter

I am trying to set up data logging while making slow measurements (room temperature and light level) with the Scopy Voltmeter. I can easily measure the voltages on Channels A & B using either the oscilloscope or the voltmeter. For the latter, the History function works well and I can see data up to 60 second internals. However, I cannot set up data logging. (I can export data into a csv file from the scope.)

While taking data with the voltmeter running, I click Browse to choose a csv file to store the data in. That opens a File Explorer window to choose a name for the file and save it in the directory where Scopy is located. The name of the file appears on the line just above the Browse button. The file name disappears as soon as I click the On button to turn on Logging. When I look in the Scopy directory, there will be no file with the name I selected. 

With the voltmeter window open, but not running, the Browse button cannot be turned on until I turn on Logging. Then clicking Browse does open the File Explorer window where I can again decide the name of the file I want to use. However, when I try to save it, no file name will appear on the line above the Browse button and no file will be created in the directory. 

I tried reinstalling Scopy in a new location (not in the Program Files directory) and opening new directories to store the data (one in Documents and one on the Desktop). The same thing happens no matter what I do. 

I assume that I must have some kind of a permission issue, but even that does not make sense because I can export csv files from the scope. 

Any suggestions are welcome.