ADALM2000 set up


I receive my new ADALM2000 a few days ago and have been working to install on my PC.  I believe I successfully installed USB drivers and the SCOPEY software.  When I launch SCOPEY from my desktop the application opens and I can see the USB device.  I can click to select the USB devise.  However, when I click "connect" to device the SCOPE application shuts down/ disappears.  

I've tried the following: restarted computer, powered off ADALM2000, reinstall software.  I have a Windows 10, 64 bit computer.  I installed the 64 bit version of (drivers? APP?)  I run ESET antivirus software, if you need to know that.

Can you help me.  Easiest for me is if you would email me at with instructions.  I'm not a computer guy so, keep it simple :-)