ADALM Pluto experiments in matlab for conducting lab in engineering colleges


I need the Pluto implementation for the following experiments for labs in engineering colleges, i have gone thru the matlab code for sdr of engineers,but all those files or simulation ,there is no hardware implementation.

List of experiments

 1)Wireless Channel Simulation including fading and Doppler effects

 2. Simulation of Channel Estimation, Synchronization & Equalization techniques

 3. Analysing Impact of Pulse Shaping and Matched Filtering using Software Defined Radios

 4. OFDM Signal Transmission and Reception using Software Defined Radios

 5. Basics of OFDM and CDMA-Direct sequence.

 6. Quadrature modulation schemes: QPSK, constellation plot.

 7. Setting up of Baseband digital communication link and performing baseband equalisation techniques.


8. Gaussian minimum shift key modulation and demodulation.

It is a lab experiment,so it would be of great help if you could provide the source or examples to solve these that we could use the same to teach the students.

Thank in advance.