Adalm Pluto USB failure

Hello, am working with Pluto for the first time and have an issue with USB comms. I can access via Putty on Win7 and 10 checking iio_info -s there is no usb host.

No end of trying different PCs, Win7 or Win 10 has made any impact, have tried drivers 0.6 and 0.7, same problem. The storage drive is accessible and I have updated to latest firmware with 100% success but still no USB host.
I have tried 6 different USB cables, tried power from USB power supplies 1A and 2A output, still no USB host.

Made a firmware upgrade via DFU, all is 100% but still no USB host,

Is there anything else I can try to is this port totally fritzed? Am confused since the terminal element works perfectly and I can ping on each PC ( I tried 4 different units) 100% but yey still no USB host is listed.