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What is the maximum input voltage that can cause damage?
I want to know about analog input and digital input.

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  • I'm also curious about damage, but I need more specifics than are given on the spec sheet:

    • If someone applies 25V while the analog input range is 2.5V, will this cause damage?
    • How much voltage can be applied in the two ranges before it does cause damage?



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    on Aug 5, 2020 1:19 PM in reply to jaxankey

    As was pointed out already there is an active clamp at the ADC inputs that protect that IC from over voltage on it's inputs. The actual worst case for over voltage on the inputs is driving the inputs of the range select analog CMOS switches beyond their supply voltage. The input current is limited by the 820K voltage divider resistor so things are in general fairly well protected. I would include part of the schematic but EZ is not allowing me to insert an image for some reason.

    Anyway there is a frequency compensation capacitor (c72) across the 820K resistor that will probably breakdown and fail first.

    Just my observations looking at the schematic. But as the manufacturer we can only insure proper operation when used within the provided input range specifications.


  • Thanks everyone! I figured there was some protection or it would be hard to sell to undergrads. I'll tell them to start with the low-gain mode and only switch if they know it's safe to do so. Probably it won't pop, but if it does I'll let you know.

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