<block fmcomms2_source (3)>]: Unable to create buffer! [GNU Radio]

ADALM-PLUTO first time user.
Windows 10 OS running on Dell Alienware laptop
GNU Radio installed IAW ADI instructions.

GNU Radio Companion (GRC) seems to run fine.
Set up a very basic PlutoSDR Source and a QT GUI Frequency Sink.

Tried to run GRC with PlutoSDR Source and Device URI set to ip:pluto:local I get these errors:
File "C:\Program Files\GNURadio-3.7\lib\site-packages\gnuradio\iio\iio_pluto_source_swig.py", line 126, in make
return _iio_pluto_source_swig.pluto_source_make(*args, **kwargs)
RuntimeError: Unable to create context
ERROR: Unable to find host: No such host is known.

Someone said to use ip:pluto:local...

Then I set Device URI to
I get this error:
gr::pagesize: no info; setting pagesize = 4096
thread[thread-per-block[0]: <block fmcomms2_source (3)>]: Unable to create buffer!

Just kind of sits there.
Have to stop the process.

By the way, while logged in a root, I saw that I have an early AD9364 version.

# fw_printenv attr_name
# fw_printenv attr_val

I read there were some early PlutoSDR devices built with the AD9364.
That chip offers a wider tuning range (70-6000 MHz) and larger bandwidth (56 MHz).
Source: www.rtl-sdr.com/.../

Is there another way to find out what chip I have?
Remove the cover and look?
No user serviceable parts inside?