Pluto with Matlab as IIO mode


I have my own signals (.mat file)  which are transmitted by IIO Oscilloscope using DAC buffer mode.

I want to use that facility in matlab so that I can directly transmit and receive the signal. 

In doing so the bandwidth of the signal becomes in KHz while actually in MHz.

I am new to pluto kindly help. If  anyone have script to transmit and receive the signal in Matlab then kindly provide.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 11, 2019 3:38 PM over 1 year ago in reply to GC_Tripathi

    On a PXA instrument, you can run it in FFT or spectrum analyzer mode and use peak markers to estimate a tone's frequency. Usually, the resolution bandwidth is increased so we can finely measure the peak of the transmitted tone. Since the two devices have disjoint oscillators, if we transmit a tone from Pluto at some frequency, the estimated frequency on the receiving PXA will be slightly different. Then we increase/decrease the xo_correction attribute on Pluto which controls the clock frequency. We tune this until we get exactly the frequency on the PXA we expect. This process will essentially closely match the oscillators of the PXA and Pluto.