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plutosdr : minimal tool chain for c compiling


I’d like to use my C code with pluto to build a ‘’simple’’ stand alone receiver.

I read a lot of Q&A and your answer here:

I read your interresting presentation here :

I try to follow your example with dump1090. Make file confirm missing some libs on my linux 18,04.

For a simple C code ( without building FW image ) , do we need to install all the sw toolchain used to build the firmware image? As here:

Or could we use a lighter solution? Or compile on board?

( I’ dont have anough space to install the 30Gb vivado toolchain. I’m able to write basics SDR function in C, use matlab and Gnu radio. But im’ not a software guy. Start from scratch with a new buildroot is hard for me. RF Engenieer, I start my first numerical receiver with AD9042...Now  i’d like to use the radio of the futur. )