PlutoSDR is detected but some of the IIO attributes are not found


I am using PlutoSDR from my linux machine.

I followed the link and installed all the drivers and dependencies required to run the device.

But the output of the command : iio_info -n | grep device

Gives this output

IIO context has 5 devices:
iio:device3: cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc (buffer capable)
iio:device1: ad9361-phy
18 device-specific attributes found:
attr 0: dcxo_tune_coarse ERROR: No such device (-19)
attr 6: dcxo_tune_fine ERROR: No such device (-19)
iio:device4: cf-ad9361-lpc (buffer capable)
attr 3: samples_pps ERROR: No such device (-19)
attr 3: samples_pps ERROR: No such device (-19)
iio:device2: xadc
1 device-specific attributes found:
iio:device0: adm1177

What could be the possible issue ?