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can Adam-Pluto be used as cheap experimental scalar or vector network analyser ?


I just purchased the Adam-Pluto and my goal is to use it to make simple rf measurements between 70 MHz and 3 ghz. I just want to measure frequency response of my rf filters, inductance , frequency of resonance of my LC and stup circuits, amplifier gain , impedance  etc....I realize that the dynamic range and frequency stability of the adalm-Pluto is limited , but this is for experimental  purposes at home not for professional use in a professional rf lab.

Are there Vector or even simple Network Analyzer applications that I could use with the Adam Pluto for that purpose ? I have zero knowledge of GNURadio and MathLab and I wonder is such nice applications exists already and if people use them ? Maybe it is not even feasible or not attractive to do with the adalm Pluto for reasons that I do not understand . It googled ad it seems to me very little rf tools apps exists for the Adam Pluto in fact  (apart from the IIosclioscope) I am not too sure if I should dig in deep in GNURadio or MathLab to get such tools or if some clever guy developed an offstheshelf van or sna application for the Adam-Pluto already or if I should just forget this idea 

thank you for your help