ADALM-PLUTO - spontaneous reboots

Dear PLUTO-community,

I've got a problem with my new ADALM-PLUTO. It spontaneously restarts at irregular intervals between 10 minutes and 56 hours. The power source (solely the main USB port connected to a PC; the dedicated USB power port connected to the same PC, to a different PC, or to an external USB power supply), the workload (whether the PLUTO is idling or it is actively transferring IQ samples to the connected PC) and receiver parameters (L0, sample rate, etc.) do not seem to influence this erratic behavior.
Besides the restart, the PLUTO seems to be working just fine.

Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot, given the fact that logs are not persisted among reboots? Might this be a hardware-related problem?


Kind regards,

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