xilinx jtag programmer with adalm pluto


I have a xilinx usb jtag programmer version 2 like this:

HW-USB-II-G XILINX, Cable, Platform Cable USB II, Configuración y Programación en Circuito de Dispositivos Xilinx | Farn… 

And I would like to know is there any special advice to connect it directly to adalm-pluto jtag.

the xilinx programmer has 7 pins menawhile the pluto connector has a 8 pins connector for jtag a serial.

I can  seen there is 4 signals identical between xilinx jtag and pluto jtag (TMS,TCK,TDI and TDO) and of course the ground.

but I don't know what to do with the others (Vref and Halt) and also if there is another signals in adalm pluto to take in account.

I'll be gratefull if you could provide some gidance in steps to do to be able to program the adalm pluto with an external programmer.

P.D. also the rev. C would be great if you could insert a jtag connector without have to solder anything.