All the connections to the ADALM2000 personal instrument hardware are made though the 30 pin male header (0.1 inch centers) connector. This is a very common, generic connector and is simple to attach wires to as with the various female to female cables supplied in the kit. Double length square male pins are can be inserted to change the female end of the wires into male pins that can be easily inserted into the solder-less breadboards often used in the lab for building experimental circuits. The same sort of thing goes for the ADALM1000 module but the connector is female.

However, there are many cases where un-shielded wires with simple male and female square pins are just not sufficient. It might be desirable to connect the ADALM2000 (or ADALM1000) to other conventional Lab instruments or generic 1X:10X scope probes for example. Figure 1 is a breakout adapter for female BNC to female 0.025 in. square pin sockets, Pomona model number 5069. Mouser and DigiKey both list them for $13.99 each.

Figure 1 female BNC to female square pin socket adapter

The length of the leads is longer than you might like for high frequencies but usually the square pin sockets can be removed, the leads shortened and then reattached.

A much lower cost alternative is this BNC adapter with 20 gauge wire leads. It costs just $6.95 from Digikey.

Figure 2 Mueller Electric Co female BNC to 20 gauge wire leads adapter

You would again of course need to shorten the leads and provide your own female square pin sockets. This might be a better solution if you wanted to use multiple BNC connectors for all the scope and AWG connections into a single multi pin female header and insert that into the ALM2000 header connector. The ALM2000 hardware housing itself is rather small and light weight and special care should be taken when using adapters like these with heavy and stiff coax cables. In some cases it might be desirable or necessary to insert either a series capacitor or resistor between the BNC connector and the ALM2000 analog input or output pin. These can of course be spliced into the red wire and then insulated with a length of heat shrink tubing.

Still another alternative is the BNC breakout connector shown in figure 3. It is {} Jameco Part no.: 256832 BNC Female to 7" 20 AWG leads and lists for $5.95.

Figure 3 Jameco female BNC to wire adapter

While perhaps not as ideal as BNC connectors mounted on a PCB with a header connector that plugs directly into the ADALM2000, (or ADALM100) these BNC to wire adapters can certainly get the job done in most cases. Hope you find this sort of information helpful when you go to use your Active Learning Hardware.