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Guidance for programming Pluto symbol timing recovery

Category: Software
Product Number: Adam Pluto

I have been working to use the Pluto in my Matlab based Software Radio course.  I just got a Pluto a few weeks ago and would like to use it fall semester.  I have been following the book Software Defined Radio for Engineers.  It appears that the PLL based symbol timing recovery is demonstrated only in chapter 6 of the book with matlab code that is independent of programming anything on the Pluto.  Could anyone 1.) please guide me to a better reference for the Pluto than the Artech House book that is in pdf form on the Pluto homepage.  2.) please guide me to where folks have accessed the functions like symbol timing recovery so that myself and my students can use a more understandable timing recovery like the one in Johnson and Sethares's book Software Receiver Design.

Really appreciate any help anyone can give.  I have approach ADI in person at IMS and submitted requests on their web site with no results.