Analog Devices Philippines on PSECE 2019

Analog Devices Philippines on PSECE 2019 by Dounell Pineda

Analog Devices Philippines participated in the prestigious Philippine Semiconductor & Electronics Convention and Exhibition—PSECE—event for the first time. Key people from the Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics industry welcomed everyone attending the SEIPI-organized event held last May 30 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening  of the three-day exhibit with over 300 demo booths by companies from across the country.


Kicking off Team ADGT’s first day was a visit from the US Ambassador to the Philippines and delegates from various companies and industries. ADGT engineers from the Product Applications  group showcased ADI’s technologies as Ed Fortunado, ADGT Managing Director, walked the delegates through to different demos in the ADI booth. The booth highlighted several ADI technologies via interactive demos such as the 3D ToF camera, smart mesh network, electrical impedance imaging, and MEMS technology demos. The stars of the demo booth, however, were ‘Peanut’ and ‘Lucky’—the autonomous model cars that were shipped from Boston after the recent GTC 2019’s Autonomous Vehicle Challenge.

Engineers showcased how ADI is powering autonomous driving and driver assistance technologies. The delegates were impressed as Peanut not only drove itself around a mini track flawlessly but also tried to avoid obstacles and responded to road signs placed on and along the track.


PSECE is held annually at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines on about 17,500 square meters of exhibition space. The event promotes the technical capabilities of semiconductor and electronics companies in the Philippines by showcasing it to local and international audience though exhibition and technical papers.