ADI Philippines Joins in Mapua’s Tech Talks 2019

Just how important is it for a student to understand the newest technology available today and to know where it is headed in terms of its development? We know that the answer to this question is important enough to influence the thinking of a high school student and to somehow help him choose which University to select. But for an engineering student, the answer to this question can be   profound and somewhat prophetic.  Aside from linking the engineering ideas he learned from school to the prototype of that idea, it also serves as his early “engagement” on the competencies already available in companies he plans to join after graduating and learns about the technologies that it develops and invests on.  The prospect of properly evaluating his interest, mindset and skill set and matching these with what the company needs for its technology development   could be one of his motivators for understanding.   By doing so, he aligns himself up with the proper exposure which may empower him in the future and help him fulfill his career aspirations.

Eager to engage future engineers and accelerate their involvement and understanding of the new high-tech trends, ADI Philippines joined 23 ECE graduating students from Mapua University and took part in their Tech Talks 2019. The topics for this year’s tech talk repertoire came from Senior Technologists and Staff of the company. This year’s tech talk is unique in a sense that presenters took hybrid approach in engaging the students. The students did not only get technical presentations describing the competencies, products and technologies being developed   in ADI, but they also got a glimpse and insights on the work disciplines needed to succeed in a highly technical career – an important knowledge that college textbooks tend to leave out.


Top L-R   Ryan Despabiladeras, Roms Maggay, Charisse Verastigue, Neon DeJesus

Bottom- Faculty and Student of Mapua with ADGT Staff


These are the topics discussed. 

  • Topic 1 – Algorithm and Machine Learning Industry Trends by Neon DeJesus
  • Topic 2 – IC Design and Layout Ecosystem in Analog Devices by Charisse Verastigue
  • Topic 3 – Latest Trends in Embedded Software and Firmware Engineering by Ryan Despabiladeras
  • Topic 4 – Analog Garage Initiative by Roms Maggay


ADI Philippines helps to educate, inspire and realize the potential our future engineers. We perceive that the best way to join in this responsibility is by strengthening our connections with Universities to leverage networks of innovation. Conversation with the students is an important first step toward achieving that connection.