ADI and NI Partner to Expand the Test and Measurement Lab in Mapúa University

ADI and NI Partner to Expand the Test and Measurement Lab in Mapúa University

By Cris Ogerio and Jay Sanchez

​Analog Devices and National Instruments partnered with Mapúa University to expand the capability of the Test and Measurement Laboratory with the donation of an NI STS (Semiconductor Test System) tester on November 19, 2019.  The inauguration, turnover and ribbon cutting ceremony was led by ADI, NI and Mapúa University representatives including ADI Philippines Test and Product Engineering Director Manny Malaki, National Instruments APAC Sales Director Mandip Khorana, and Mapúa University's President and CEO Dr. Reynaldo Vea.

ADI and NI worked together with Mapúa University to add the state-of the-art NI STS tester in their Test and Measurement Laboratory, complementing the two CTS5010 testers the University already has. This arsenal of industry-grade testers will be used by electronics engineering undergraduate students as they pursue the Test and Measurement elective course at the University.

Mark Delfin from ADI Philippines Test Engineering opened the event. “The addition of the NI STS tester will make the lab more up to date with current test technology being used in the industry," Mark said. “It is a step forward in making the Philippines a hub for Test Engineering for the Semiconductor Industry as envisioned by Manny Malaki."

Mandip Khorana from National Instruments expressed his excitement to see future research focused on test technology and test methodology from students made possible by this tester addition.

“Industry and Academe Linkage is important as this is how universities stay current and relevant (in providing quality education) and it also adds to the value of the students," Dr. Vea said. “The addition of the NI tester in the laboratory further reinforces the learning process as students learn with their minds and hands," he added.

The team and the NI STS Tester in the Test and Measurement Lab at Mapúa University.
(L-R) Manny Malaki (ADI), Marianne Sejera (Mapua), Mheann Latina (Mapua), Flor Valiente (Mapua), Dean Jun Ballado (Mapua), Mandip Khorana (NI), Jay Sanchez (ADI), Boyet Sarino (ADI)

​The NI STS system will be integrated into the current 4-part Test and Measurement Elective track developed by Cris Ogerio, ADI Philippines Applications Engineering Manager, for Mapúa University. This will be housed inside the Test and Measurement Laboratory as an addition to the other two ADI CTS5010 testers which are already in use. This state-of-the-art tester will help in teaching Mixed Signal Testing concepts and methodologies to students augmenting the topics already offered in the Analog Testing and Digital Testing elective tracks. Other works and learning models are being explored to optimize the use of the test systems in the laboratory, including research on the implementation of better and faster test techniques, new methods of product testing and other related thesis work of the students.

Kevin Batin (ADI) gives a demo of the NI STS test program he developed for the lab

Using actual industry testers makes it easy to teach our future engineers testing concepts and methodologies. It makes learning interesting to them for it offers a glimpse of the exciting activities they will do when they join the workforce as Test Engineers.