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How to solve the leakage between Tx and Rx?

Category: Software


We found there is a serious leakage problem on the XUD1A board. Please the results below. We set 2 channels as Tx and 2 channels as Rx. Fig.1 is the results when we disconnect the lines between XUD1A and Stingray:

It means that the Tx signal is directly transferred to Rx on the XUD1A board. After reconnecting the lines, the Rx signal is as follows:

It can be seen that the leakage signal dominate the received signal especially for subarray 3. In this case, we cannot get much information of the received signals which are really arrived to the target. How can we minimize signal leakage as much as possible?



  • Hi Dongyu, 

    The XUD1A board was not designed to be used in a FMCW mode but rather pulsed mode as the primary use case. There's a series of isolation structures designed on the board with lids for shielding on the primary side of PCB. Additional shielding (e.g. copper tape) or a sheet of RF absorber on top of the shields might help increase channel to channel isolation to satisfy your application requirements.