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When TDD is enabled, will part of parameters of stingray be overwritten?

Category: Software


When TDD is enabled, the TXRX0-TXRX3 on the XUD1A and the mode of stingray will be controlled by TDD, right? I mean if the TDD setting is as follows:

sray.TxVCOon = [0 0]; %Stingray/Xud1a TR Frame Start
sray.TxVCOoff = [100e-3 0]; %Stingray/Xud1a TR Frame Stop
sray.TxOn = [0 0] ; %MxFE TX Enable Frame Start
sray.TxOff = [100e-3 0]; %MxFE TX Enable Frame Stop
sray.TxDPon = [0 0] ; %MxFE TX Datapath Frame Start
sray.TxDPoff = [100e-3 0] ; %MxFE TX Datapath Frame Stop
sray.RxOn = [101e-3 0]; %MxFE RX Enable Frame Start
sray.RxOff = [1 0]; %MxFE RX Enable Frame Stop
sray.RxDPon = [101e-3 0] ; %MxFE RX Datapath Frame Start
sray.RxDPoff = [1 0] ; %MxFE RX Datapath Frame Stop

Then, the Tx and Rx loop will follow the above time sequence. So, the parameters of sray.TXRX0-TXRX3 and sray.Mode(:) will be overwritten by TDD, right? In this case, I don't need to setup these parameters if I wanna enable TDD, right?



  • Hi Dongyu, 

    Correct, the TDD control is pinned out to the TXRX0-TXRX3 pins and the timing will be defined by the matlab code you posted. The method sray.TxRxSwitchControl  will determine if TR is controlled via SPI commands or external GPIO. When set to sray.TxRxSwitchControl=external then the TX or RX mode will be set by the GPIO high or low threshold. When  sray.TxRxSwitchControl=spi, then sray.Mode will set the TX or RX mode of the board.