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Is it possible to control the ADXUD1AEBZ and Stingray board using GNU Radio?

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We are trying to achieve real-time capturing using X-band radar platform on GNU Radio. And we follow the example of "gr-ofdmradar - OFDM Radar on MxFE Platforms using IIO" ( But this example can only control the AD9081, so we are wondering whether it is possible to also control the ADXU1AEBZ and Stingray board on GNU Radio. If so, where can we find related iio documents? And is there any tutorials for reference?

We would be really appreciated if you could help us!



  • Hi Dongyu, 

    We have not developed any examples within the GNU Radio environment for the X-Band Development Platform. All libiio bindings are exposed and can be accessed in GNU Radio similarly to other GNU examples listed on the wiki. Here are a couple of links to reference:[]=gnu&s[]=radio[]=gnu&s[]=radio