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Stingray Kit RF Connectors

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAR1000EVAL1Z

I am working with StingRay: X/Ku Band Phased Array Protyping System by ADI.

I have a question related to the connectors used in this development kit.

My question is, Can I use SMA connector rather than SMPM connector?

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  • Hi Fabia, 

    The design of the Stingray (ADAR1000EVAL1Z) board uses vertical launch SMPM male connectors and a SMA-SMPM adapter would be necessary for connecting a SMA cable. The SMPM connector was chosen due to the connector 10 GHz lattice spacing on the secondary side of the board. A SMA connector would have been too large of a footprint for the required density. 

    If using an adapter, I recommend using a short cable adapter instead of bullet adapter. The cable adapter will reduce the amount of torque applied to the SMPM connectors on the board. The SMPM connectors are epoxy staked for improved adhesion, but there is risk of shearing a connector off the board if too much force is applied.